HR Side Hustle #8: Write your own HR book.

by Alan Collins

It’s never been easier to create a book of your own and put it put it up for sale on Amazon.

Two of the best HR books I’ve ever read were written by full-time HR leaders who published on the side. 

They are HR on Purpose by Steve Browne and The 9 Faces of HR by Kris Dunn. 

What makes their books fantastic is that they dig deep and share their personal authentic stories and experiences in HR.

Folks in HR are hungry to learn what you know and benefit from your lessons in the HR trenches — both the good, the bad and ugly. So share them.

An impossible idea, you say?

I say, not really.

  *   *   *

Alisa Charles (pictured right) is another example of someone who’s done it well.

She’s a full-time HR director with a team of direct reports and has published two books on Amazon — Successful Mentoring in HR  and The New Employee Orientation Guide — all while raising a husband and three kids. 

Check out her full story here.

Nothing keeps you from doing the same thing and writing a short book on a project you’ve completed successfully or a vexing problem you’ve solved that plagues other HR or talent management folks.

Just do as Alisa did.

Lay out your book revealing the steps you followed to address that HR problem and how you overcame the big obstacles that stood in your way…and you can become a rock star!

But wait, I know what you’re thinking. Shouldn’t you be concerned about revealing confidential information or creating a potential conflict of interest situation with your employer?

Yes, you absolutely should! 

So don’t reveal anything at all that would violate your company policies or put your own day job at risk. 

If in doubt, check with your boss and the lawyers in your organization before you launch.

*   *   *

However, there’s another option…

And that’s to avoid HR topics entirely. 

That’s what Savannah Horlich has done.

Savannah is an HR manager at MedCo Services and she capitalizes on her imagination by writing young adult fantasy novels under the pen name Savannah J. Foley.

This has been a passion of hers since she was 15 years old.  

She’s written 10 novels so far.

That’s right, ten! 

Oh yes, she came to my attention because she was featured a few years ago in HR Magazine as one of their “Top 30 Under 30 Rising Stars in HR!” So she’s obviously making her mark in HR, while side hustling too. Wow!

As you can see, there are lots of possibilities for you here.

*   *   *

Here’s What Else You Should Know:

When writing HR books, there are two “must have’s” for success:

Now let’s wrap this all this up by talking dollars. 

The average price you should charge for your paperback book should range anywhere between $9 to $29. That’s the sweet spot. On Amazon, you’ll typically earn around $40% for every paperback copy sold. 

You can also create a kindle version of that same book, where you can earn 70% royalty if you price your book between $2.99 and $9.99. Outside of that range, it’s 35%. 

And yes, you can also create a Audiobook from your paperback as well. 

That gives you three products you can create from one book.

Not too shabby.

  *   *   *

How You Can Get Started Successfully

Ready to get started with your own HR book?  Well, if you want to get one done faster than you imagined and get a step-by-step plan on how to get it done, then check out my book…

WRITE YOUR OWN HR BOOK FAST!  Take Your Career in Human Resources To The Next Level By Authoring Your Own Book — Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible & On The Side! 


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