Welcome to the HR Side Hustle Movement!

I’m Alan Collins, founder of this website and Success in HR — and thrilled to help you chart this new path in your HR career.

I passionately believe that…

Every successful HR professional
should have at least ONE side hustle.

And this site is dedicated to helping you land and profit from yours.

A good side gig will allow you to:

…Earn extra income.

…Capitalize on your HR talents.

…Cash in on your HR experience. 

…Develop brand new, marketable skills.

…Monetize your current skills in new ways.

…Provide a welcome escape from your day job.

…Enhance your potential impact in your HR day job.

…Test out an entirely new career or business opportunity.

The 21 ideas and start-up guides you’ll find on this site can provide all this — while allowing you to find even more fun and enjoyment in your HR career. 

But there’s more.

 *  *  *

There’s never been a more perfect
time to consider a side hustle.


Because it’s never been easier.

Today’s awesome technology gives you the ability to “work-from-anywhere” while keeping your full-time day job.

Every day more HR professionals are taking the plunge.

You’ll read about many of them throughout these pages. 

So, stop lying awake at night trying to figure out what to do. This informative and inspiring website will arm you with 21 proven ideas for making it happen.   

To shortcut your path to success, I’ve provided links throughout the site highlighted and underlined in blue.

Click on them and you’ll find additional valuable resources, websites and further assistance.  They will save you hours of time and money figuring out what to do.

These links will also be updated regularly as changes and new products and ideas emerge for HR side hustlers.  

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Finally, thank you for your support!

I hope you find this information of value and would welcome your feedback.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly at alan@successinhr.com.  


Alan Collins