Here are 21 Side Hustles for HR Professionals!

by Alan Collins

Every successful full-time Human Resources professional should have at least ONE side hustle that capitalizes on their HR expertise.

Below, check out 3 of the 21 ways you can capitalize on yours.

The other 18 will follow in the weeks ahead!

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HR Side Hustle #1:
Teach classes at a local university or college.

For years, my buddies Larry Pearlman and Steve Merkin taught a Change Management class to …read more here.

 #2. Offer consulting services in your HR specialty.

 #3. Help job seekers craft their resumes & profiles.

 #4. Become an interview coach.

 #5. Create your own line of branded HR merchandise. 

 #6. Turn your HR expertise into an online course.

 #7. Provide expert answers.

HR Side Hustle #8:
Write your own HR book.

It’s never been easier to create a book of your own and put it up for sale on Amazon. Two of the best HR books I’ve ever read were written by full-time HR leaders who …read more here.

#9. Create your own line of “short reads.”

#10. Post articles on Medium.


HR Side Hustle #11:
Launch your own HR blog.

First of all, take 90 seconds and check out this video, where 2 of the most brilliant minds on the planet tell you why you must blog. Then…read more here.


#12. Develop your own iphone app for HR.

#13. Sell HR templates, worksheets and checklists.

#14. Do public speaking on the side.

#15. Offer one-on-one personal coaching remotely.

#16. Start your own podcast.

#17. Offer career coaching, Q&A style.

#18. Host your own paid Mastermind group.

#19. Host your own TV or radio program.

#20. Position yourself as an influencer on LinkedIn. 

#21. Start your own job board.

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